Sugar clarification

Hi Brooke, I’m working on your Stop Overeating class and I’m ready to try giving up sugar and flour. But I have a few questions on what this means exactly (and please call me out if I’m indulging in confusion!).

Does this just mean no “added sugar”? I assume natural/fruit-based sugar is okay. So for example–I love yogurt, especially yogurt with fruit in it. How do I know if the sugar on the nutrition label is from the fruit or added? I’ve been running into similar things with store bought salsa and similar products. Then again, maybe the fact that I’m really wanting yogurt means that I should back the heck away from it even though it’s healthy(…ish).

What about the sugar that’s naturally in dairy?

I guess all of this is to say…when I’m buying packaged items, what should I look at on the label to know if the “sugar” that’s in it is okay or not? Should I look at the nutrition label itself for grams of sugar that may be added or natural? Or the ingredients (but I know there are sooo many names for sugar)? Thank you!