Sugar withdrawal and new buffer

I just had a mental breakthrough with the flour and sugar cravings and allowing urges for that. Yesterday was the second day and I had some sugar withdrawal shakes, I think. I was able to manage that and I went along with my eating plan for the rest of the day. Instead of buffering with food like I usually do in the evenings, after dinner I buffered with Netflix. I did wonder at the time if that was what I was doing, but I was so set on not doing the food buffering that I just allowed myself to watch. Now that I’m writing this, I wonder if I was afraid to let go of all buffers. I was so restless that watching Netflix was a distraction and it helped me to get through the initial phases of this no sugar/flour process. I’m a little annoyed at myself for giving in to another form of buffering but I’m also most excited about sticking to my food journal and weight loss plan.