I just listened to your webinar on artificial sweeteners. SO GOOD!

Just like most people think its totally normal to drink diet coke and eat sugar cookies, I’ve learned from you that if I truly want to evolve to the next best version of myself, I will learn how to sit with the discomfort and watch the growth that comes from replacing the false high with something that is real and lasting. Love it!

Like diet coke and sugar cookies have become totally acceptable to most people in the world……. so has swearing.

Sometimes I wonder…..if we didn’t use swear words, what words would we use instead? What new words could we learn? What kind of person could we become if we had to think about everything that came out of our mouths and used language with intention?

Lets be honest…. if high school teachers repeatedly used strong language in class, they would get fired. If kids used swore in class, they would be removed. If a movie or music has explicit language, we get fair warning through a rating system. Why? Because there are still many people in the world who don’t want to hear it.

Just like concentrated foods, I’m not suggesting that no one ever swear again. I am suggesting we look at what’s become “normal” and consider that maybe we’ve got some more evolving to do.

A swearing protocol?

Love you and love your work
It’s forever changed my life.