Taking a new job

I have been offered a new job in a different city. The job has a higher salary and is a directorship with a lot more executive responsibilities. It feels like it will have a much lower tolerance for inefficiency than my current job. I am currently extremely inefficient and frazzled in my current, easier job. I work all hours and weekends. I am the product of 30 years of glamorizing busy. And yet, my productivity has become really low in the past few years because the meaningfulness of the work appears to have faded with the passing of my parents. The start date of the new job is January 2022. I must decide in the next week. I am tempted to accept, but I feel like I ought to get my time management issues resolved before I leave the current position. I only joined scholars a few days ago.

Part 1 of me says “Say no, fix your life where you are, and when you’re feeling more in control, start applying for jobs again.”

Then part 2 of me says “You’re procrastinating. Take the job and fix your life.”

Then part 1 comes back with “You are clueless about whether you can do this job because you have zero time management skills.”

The part 2 says “You have 7 months, that’s your deadline.”

Then part 1 says “You’re trying to run away from the problem, but wherever you go you’ll meet yourself, so sit still and fix the problem, you can get a new job later, it’s not like you’re starving…”

And on and on.

What series of questions should I ask myself, which if answered honestly, would help me reach an answer that I have the best shot at being happy if I chose?