The Model Works

This isn’t a question but I wanted to write in and say that I have blown my own mind. I teach a workshop that usually sees a decline in attendance during the summer months.

I realized I had the thought “people go on vacation so they don’t sign up in the summer.” That thought was leading me to the result of low attendance.

So this time around I flipped my thought to “summer is a great time of year to reach my dream goal of 50 people signing up for the workshop.” I added extra value to my workshop by adding a bonus 7th week to my program, I put up twice as many fliers. I doubled my Facebook ads, I started doing weekly Facebook lives, etc. those actions led me to OVER 50 people signing up. I can’t believe it!!!!

So, now I am on to my next goals because 50 is my max number (and next rivers of misery). At least I have the confidence in trusting the model….