The Reinvention Experience Indecision

I handed in my notice to work and then checked my email. The Reinvention Experience enrolment was there.

My initial thought was “what perfect timing.” I felt exhilarated. I looked at the price and saw “$5000.” I thought “that’s nothing, it’s worth it, we will figure it out.”  I went to purchase it and realized I didn’t have my credit card on me.

As the day went on, I had some other thoughts “you’re quitting your job, you just purchased a kitchen renovation and now you want to do this,” “you’re spending all your money with no plan how to make it back, what do you think you’re doing, this is crazy, you don’t even want to reinvent yourself, you can do this yourself without spending that much.”

Later I asked myself “what am I looking to get out of this experience?”

I think I want to know Brooke’s process.  I love her teachings. I want to apply it to my life and see what is possible.

Here I am still in indecision, and the only reason not to is the money even though we do have enough money.  It would just lower our savings account.

Any tips on how to decide?