The Story Was Great?

Since the beginning of the month when I do the homework, I find myself writing everyday that what wasn’t great about yesterday is that I watched 4-5 hours of TV.
I am having difficulty finding what was great about it, and it went so far like this:
Day 1: I learned that watching too much TV is actually not satisfying to me.
Day 2: I learned that reaching out to a friend might have been a better option.
Day 3: I learned that taking a walk for one hour might have been better.

By now, Day 6, I am truly out of ways to tell this story in a truly good way.

The truth is that I wish to watch much less and do something else, but my life at the moment is quite empty after I removed food as buffering.
What remained is emptiness, no friends, and no social life.

I found that I have many more hours in the day that I don’t eat and so TV is a nice time-passing. Yet I always feel after watching few hours that I could have been ‘out there’ with people rather than at home by myself.

Now, by the way, I am not doing anything about the number of hours I watch TV because you specifically said to focus on one thing and my focus is stop overeating. So far, I am day 17 into my protocol and losing weight, eating on protocol and feeling better.

I wonder though, what is the point of this exercise? To keep doing whatever I am doing and just find positive ways to tell myself that it’s a great story?