How to think about your driving thought in the middle of feeling?

I understand your process and it has been successful as a tool – after the feeling has occurred. I am getting pretty good at filling out the form to try to understand the thought behind the feeling/action. But I have a problem with sort of flash irritation. I am not very quick to anger, but I am very quick on becoming irritated in the situation, basically I can fly my bitch flag pretty fast.

I am looking for your insight into how I can disrupt the feeling at the time (in the moment), it requires a great deal of self control to not act on my irritation (I would call it a temper tantrum), and let’s say I’m good at it only 60% of the time. But still I’m sure my kids and my husband don’t deserve the 40%, no matter how many dishes are left in the sink! So I can keep peeling the onion to get at the thoughts but if you know of some feeling-to-thought work I can practice in the moment, I would be very grateful.

Thank you for your time, Kathleen