Yes, But What Is Her Business?

I visited yesterday my oldest aunts. They never traveled outside the country, and their daily lives were lived within a tiny radius of their very old school environment. They don’t use social media and they have no understanding of the new ways we make money.

I showed them a YouTube video of a fashion blogger who makes six figures by getting free clothes to wear and film herself. They couldn’t comprehend who is paying, what is she giving them, and if the government is behind it.

I felt so much love and compassion to where they are. In a certain sense, their lives seem so simple and worry free.

Anyhow, I mentioned to them that I have this coach I have been coached by for almost a year now (you) and they didn’t understand what coaching is. They asked, ‘So she is a doctor who treats pain? What is her business?’

I said, ‘She is in the business of changing people’s brains. One thought at a time.’

They were in total awe and wonderment. Confused yet impressed.
They looked at each other and said, ‘She is a scientist.’

In so many ways you are.

That Screenwriter