“Why” Thought downloads and Commitment for Podcast 146

Hi Brooke,
I am LOVING my workbooks, your video’s for the month and of course, your podcasts. I have been on a self help journey for over 20 years and have done a lot of work on positive thinking, although never really had that “aha moment” until I heard about the Model. As I’m doing my thought downloads each day, I am realizing that I am fortunate and currently don’t have a lot of negative thoughts which clutter my brain–but I do have a lot of thoughts which start with “Why” (ie. why did I commit to do that, why do I say yes so quickly, etc). Is it ok to do a thought pattern on a why thought? I’ll give an example below of one I did today and please let me know if I’m doing it correctly. One more question is for the commitment on Podcast 146–can we pick more than one (i.e. job related and personal) or would you advise us to do just one? Ok, here’s my Thought Pattern–looking forward to the call on Monday-I’m leaving work early to be on it–Thank you for ALL you do!

C – committed to yoga Tuesday night at 7:45pm
T-Why did I commit to yoga then-I’m going to be exhausted after work
F-regret, anxious
A-I’ll be consumed Tuesday at work with this thought and feelings
R-Won’t have productive day

T-Yoga will be so relaxing-it’ll be a nice way to end the day
F-Relaxed, peaceful, happy
A-Productivity at work knowing I have something fun to look forward to
R-Great day and night