What thought should I think to feel this way?

Hi Brooke! I’m planning a wedding and am very anxious about it turning out exactly as I envision and my planner and I haven’t been speaking the same language. Can you help me with my models here?

Unintentional model:
C: planning a wedding
T: it’s not going to look good
F: anxious, irritated, fearful, fretful
A: I try not to think about the wedding and don’t give planner feedback
R: planner won’t know my opinion and the wedding won’t look like I want it to

So then for my intentional model, I focused on how I wanted to feel and act…but I can’t figure out what thought to think!

C: planning a wedding
T: ???
F: ease, peace, hopeful, confident
A: I make decisions easily and speak my opinion well so planner can understand
R: the wedding is aligned with my vision