Weight maintenance

I reached my goal weight over a month ago. I made an exception over Xmas and gained 1.3 kg back. But also slipped away from the routine of it all. I’m still food journaling but I’m having extra bites and tastes all over the place. My desire is right up. And I’m feeling discouraged.
In general I just feel demotivated and a bit directionless. I know my feelings are caused by my thoughts but I’m just using that fact to make myself feel worse.
I’ve looked at my compelling reason. Recommitted.
I know I need to do the thought work to reduce the desire. I have been allowing lots of urges but I also think I’m probably resisting.
I guess I’m just back to thinking this should be easier by now and that’s why I feel discouraged.
I guess I just want it to be done and it turns out there’s more work to do.
Is this the process. Will I get freedom or will I forever have to coach myself around food?
I guess having a 2 day exception is what threw me. Previous Christmas seasons would have seen me eating non stop all through December. This year I only had a few days of eating and found it all a bit depressing.

I’m sorry for the rambling story. Maybe you can pick out where I should focus because I can’t quite figure out what’s going on for me.

Thank you.