Thoughts just come

So I like the concept that thoughts just come to us. I want to believe this thought. I feel it’s usefulness.

I find myself adding “…but what I focus on I’ll get more of so I’m actually causing many of these recurrent thoughts by giving weight to them” to the above statement. This makes me feel guilty and it makes me not really believe the above thought. I don’t like the result of this thinking but it seems very logical and true to me.

I can see how dropping the judgment would be helpful (I’m human, of course, I’m going to keep focusing on thoughts I’ve thought over and over again, of course, that’s going to be noticed by my brain that’s trying to protect me and wants to keep me in homeostasis) but I’m still stuck with the idea of not believing that thoughts just come to us. Maybe this isn’t a problem? Maybe I don’t need to believe this? Maybe I can still suggest this to other people even thought I don’t feel it’s truthfulness in me?

Is there another way of looking at the thought “thoughts just come to us” that could be helpful for me if I were to believe this?