Thoughts Make Me Feel Terrible

Any tips on motivating myself to work and focus on my business when I already work 9-5 at my job.

My job requires me to focus most of the time. (I’m a writer) and I am also building my coaching business where I require to write content.

I just feel like it is too much work and that I don’t know. And I just feel like the number of hours I work in my business is not enough to create the result I want.

I just feel like too much work and I feel emotionally and mentally drained after working at my job because I keep getting thoughts about how I don’t like working at my job even though I try to redirect it to a positive one.

My brain can’t stop presenting me with thoughts that I don’t like about working in my job no matter what I do. And sometimes it’s just so hard to always let myself feel negative emotions and redirect it to a better thought.

I feel out of control. I feel like I have to force myself to get to work at my job. And there are instances when I feel like I can’t do this anymore. I need rest. And then I go to sleep all day instead of working at my job.

This process is just so hard no matter how much coaching I’ve done on myself.