To Get coaching or not

So I joined in February and love this program. It’s taken a bit but I’m understanding how it works and I am soaking it in and applying and getting good results for the most part with some mistakes. I always write about my mistakes and I get a clear answer as to what happened. I love the term collecting data. I collect from my successes and my mistakes. My question is when I commit to something and find value to it I’m always head first all in. I have to say sometimes that has backfired on though.

Anyway. I want to make the most of this program. Should I schedule a coaching session even if I feel there is no particular issue at the moment. My concern is which I posted here , but I don’t think it was answered is… the 10 min tutoring sessions are booked so far out that it doesn’t feel helpful to me.

Is this the case for booking 1 45 min session or 6? Will I get an appt within the week ? If I try 1 when I feel I need it will I have the opportunity to speak with someone within 24 to 48 hrs. If not I feel either good for me I figured it out ( then what will I talk about in a scheduled session in a week,2, or 3 weeks. What is the time period to getting coached earlier than later. I know I can also request to be coached during your live coaching.
Thanks Brooke