To wake up from naps

I have allocated a daily nap after lunch but often can’t wake up as planned even though I think I have scheduled enough time.

I know that if I have work (for my company) scheduled after a nap then I can wake up. But now that I’m on maternity leave and working on my side project, it has become much harder to wake up. Maybe because I’m more relaxed with my own schedule and it’s harder to discipline myself?

I tried to recall my thoughts when I hear/snooze alarms (multiple times), I tell myself that I will just stay for another 5 minutes, or I don’t want to get up or feel like it, etc… It’s harder to have clear thoughts/conversation with my primitive self when I am half asleep.

Is there a way that I can take my own schedule as seriously as a professional work schedule?
How can I speak to my primitive self when I am half awake?