Traveling full time and 500k part 2

This is the coaching I just received from ask a coach and wow so mind blowing but I have a question about what you shared.

Here is what ask a coach shared about creating my dream 500k business and traveling full time with my kids.

“ C: Goal of making 10 offers this week
T: I am ready for the day we travel full time with my business
F: Excited (how do you feel when you think this?)
A: Think about traveling, plan trips, not make offers, daydream about all the amazing flexibility I will have in the future
R: I don’t meet my weekly goal

It is powerful to access the future to help us remember why we are creating what we desire, yet it’s important to remember that the only reason we do not take action is because of whatever we are feeling.

Commitment, determination, doability, fun, flexibility, experimental are all powerful emotions for fueling us forward when we notice inaction.

If thoughts about the possibility of having your desires business are not adequate fuel, what would you need to feel instead?”

I want to get into the feelings of doabilty and determination but I feel stuck in thoughts that would put me in that emotions. I have tried on a few and I can’t seem to find one that “hit the spot” could you help me get into that emotion with borrow a thought?