Trusting myself more – feedback on models, TDL please

I woke up this morning feeling the sense of anxiety that I’ve become used to recently. In starting my thought download the thoughts were:

I just can’t seem to figure this out
I want things to be different but I don’t actually do anything to make changes
That’s frustrating
Making the change regardless of the result would probably feel better than staying stagnant
I’m struggling to make a decision
Neither option feels great to me
I don’t want to keep feeling so scared
I’m so bored of feeling scared
I want to be someone who takes risks
I want to be more badass
My stupid brain continues to offer me thoughts from the other side
I want to make decisions for myself
I feel so resentful of others when I listen to them over myself
Why would I make their opinions about my actions more “right” than my own?
I am allowing them rather than myself, to decide what is right for me
I could take more agency over my own life
It might be true that I could do well to trust myself more

Model on this last thought:

C. Taking action
T. It might be true that I’d do well to trust myself more
F. Open(?) Willing (?) Curious (?) Relief (?)
A. Take a deep breath. Notice the shift in how I am feeling and the change in my body. Comment to myself that it feels like a weight being lifted (hence putting feeling of relief(?) Observe more clearly the conflicting thoughts going on in my head. Become the watcher. See them for what they have been doing (keeping me stuck). Think about how other people such as Brooke Castillo probably think the above thought (my T line in this model). Consider how being successful probably warrants trusting yourself more and more. Give myself some kudos for probably knowing better than others what is best for me.
R. I start to gather (mental) evidence of how it might be true that I’d do well to trust myself more.

I feel very happy with this model and, even more so with the thoughts in my thoughts download today. It feels like I’ve got much more specific and focused on what I want to actually focus on.

A couple of questions though: I have a few feelings in my F line. It’s not the first time that my immediate feeling is of relief. Would that be a separate model where my actions simply are more of taking a deep breath and noticing the shift in my body etc?

Something like:

C. Completing my thought download
T. ?
F. Relief
A. Take a deep breath. Notice the shift in my body. Comment that it feels like a weight being lifted. Relax further. Revel in the moment.
R. ?

Feedback on all of the above appreciated, please! 😊