Two thoughts

Hey Brooke,

As an April 2019 LCS Coach Training student, I am busy at work deciding on my thoughts about becoming a Life Coach (WHOA – The past 7 days especially have been seriously profound… I am in awe at what my brain can do. Thank you for taking me on this ride!)

I wanted to ask: I am trying to figure out what I should think about my first year as a coach and entrepreneur, while I work full time. I’m trying to be realistic and optimistic, figuring out what feels good. I’m struggling finding the balance in there. Here are some thoughts I’m battling between, but unsure which will actually serve me:

“It will be hard and you’ll have to work hard” (realistic?)
“It can be easy and enjoyable”

I know that the second one feels better, but am I just fooling my brain so that when it gets hard I’m not prepared / am fooled?