Understanding the feeling of being bored

Can you point me in the direction of any materials that talk about boredom? I’ve received coaching on this and have been surprised that it’s come up.

I think I’m not sure how to handle not being busy Which leads to feelings of Boredom. Monday hour 1 and breaking the need to overwork has alleviated a lot of day to day stress. I’m trying to leave the space open and resist the urge to fill the space with more work. But then I think I should be working harder towards my goals since I haven’t achieved them yet. In my business I’ve worked very hard for years and now some of my income is passive, but I’m not yet relaxed into the day to day of just earning it and not overworking. Probably because I’m not at my monthly income goal. But I do believe what I’ve created will keep compounding in value. So in the waiting period I feel bored. And I think of more things to fill the time but I’m not sure if I should let there be open time in my schedule or if I need to create something new to give value to the world.

I can trace a lot of this back to overworking growing up. Always having jobs and a lot of responsibility.

In my sessions I make a little progress on identifying this but haven’t dived into it to explore and set up new thoughts around it. Where can I go from here ?