Update on $50K of art/week goal

Okay, so way back in August I started working on this one – putting $50K of art sold/week in the R: line!

I am SO, soooo excited about this – I keep having to remind myself that it hasn’t ACTUALLY happened yet – because something has shifted and I just feel like it really has!

It doesn’t even feel right/good to me to say “it will” – it feels so much like it HAS.

But here has been a bit of my self coaching process. Using the aligned model, I’d ask or watch my future self and I just kept seeing that she doesn’t overthink it, it’s very simple to her, it’s not a stretch – that she is definitely working and focused and has challenges/unknown places at times, she also has a deep trust. She knows it always works out, she’s tapped in, she’s guided, she’s supported, she has at home being herself in the universe and it all flows – out (creating), in (money) – and that in her mind, they aren’t even really related. She makes awesome money being her, being an artist – but she doesn’t even really think of it like a transaction, she’s not thinking, “oh, I have to make this many pieces and they have to be judged a certain level of “good” or “worthy” and then I get paid that.” No she thinks, “it’s so much easier than that – I don’t over think it.” So, I also then realized that my best experiences creating are like my best experiences coaching and also as an athlete – I’m not thinking about myself, I’m not analyzing, constantly judging, I’m awake alert and feeling tapped in and knowing – but it’s not a strained kind of figuring out or over thinking – it just comes and I just trust it. It does feel more like ease – and it’s fun. I have been practicing all of that – thoughts, feelings, and THEN, just recently the same thing happened to me twice:

Within a matter of 10 seconds I sold $10K of art – and ALMOST $35K! Both times the $10K sales were people saying, “would you make this for me for this much?” and then they both also said they were really thinking about my $25K SHE RISING piece.

And it DID feel so easy! And my future self popped in and said, “see, that’s how it can happen. that’s how it can feel. you weren’t over trying, you weren’t overthinking. You did talk about your art and your process – but that was easy, it was just open sharing.”

So again, even though I haven’t actually had that $50K week from art yet – I strangely feel like I have, like I have the hang of it! And it didn’t take a week either!