Vacation anxiety

I’m at our vacation home. It’s hard to get away from my business and my two young kids but my husband said it was really important to him. He invited a new business partner and his girlfriend. I have a history of social anxiety so spending a week living with a couple I don’t know is a lot for me. But on top of it I’m believing that since I’m away from the kids and the business this has to be a break for me. It should be fun and relaxing. While I’m aware of this being a thought it still is making the anxiety worse. I’m angry that everyone seems to be having a great time and I’m not. And I feel resentful that I’m going through this and then when I come home I am expected to be refreshed and ready to get back to work and the kids. But inside if this continues I’ll come home depleted. I know that step one is letting go of the shoulds. I will carry the anxiety with me “like a handbag” but that’s not very relaxing and enjoyable. I don’t want to be ok with this being stressful for me the whole “relaxing” trip. Is there still a way that I could enjoy this? A better way to think about it.?