Valuing others’ thoughts

My husband and I were in couples therapy before we separated. The therapist said to me privately when I asked what he thought about the hopes for our relationship, “There is little chance X will improve his own life and even less chance he will improve your relationship.”
I made this mean a number of things I think:
My husband is broken.
My husband doesn’t care about me.
My husband doesn’t value our relationship.
It is a lost cause.
This means we don’t have a relationship/shouldn’t try to preserve the relationship.
He is trying to tell me not to count on my husband.
My husband is not committed to me or our relationship.
My husband will not help himself or contribute to our relationship.

I’m now post-relationship and wondering if I caused the end of our relationship by some of these thoughts, and also about generally believing someone else’s thoughts – almost more than my own. Maybe it’s about not trusting myself? Or maybe I believed this T of the therapist was a C???

Still sorting this out. Any insight appreciated. Thank you!