Victim Mode Recovery

Dear Brooke,

This is my work for the Masterclass, which I find equally thrilling and terrifying; the 50/50 concept. In doing my work toward that goal, I made a list of the traits (beliefs/thoughts) about myself that give me the most grief. Oddly judgement seems to rate right up there with victim/helplessness. I know they are connected somehow but it doesn’t really matter. The work is the work.

Working toward the goal of feeling empowered vs powerless, I defined the traits as obstacles to turn in to strategies.

Obstacle Strategy
judgement They are doing it exactly right for them. How do I want to feel right now?

superiority I have some excellent traits as do they. What’s perfect about them right now?

insecurity I have everything I need. It’s going to be OK.

feel broken ???? (I don’t have a thought, strategy for this one. Maybe look for the thought?)

victim, (blaming) How can I give myself what I need right now?

All these obstacles and strategies are thoughts, yes? My brain wants to fog over when I read over this or look for a plan to enact it. Suggestions?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. See you Saturday,