Waiting 2

Hi Coach,

The act of waiting/hurrying is a problem for me because I don’t think that I am truly living my life. I keep waiting for the next moment to come because I am trying to escape my present reality. And I think I am trying to escape because I am not where I want to be (T below) and I am living another day not being closer to my goals (2nd T below).

C –
T – I am not who I want to be yet
F  – Irritated
A – Spin in doubt that I will never be who I want to be. Buffer with food. Buffer with phone.
R – I am not who I want to be yet

C –
T – Another day of trying to get closer to my goals
F – Restless
A – Spin in thoughts. Buffer. Buffer. Buffer. Don’t enjoy my life.
R – Another day of not getting closer to my goals

So during those moments I buffer like crazy because I don’t want to feel the pain of where I am. How can I shift this? How can I be with the restlessness? Thank you.