I notice that I have an underlying waiting habit.
I spend my days waiting, waiting for lunch time, and then when I get to lunch time, I’m waiting for break time, and during break, I am waiting until I can go pick my daughter up, and then when I’m with my daughter, I’m waiting for bed time to come, and then when I get in bed, I’m trying to hurry to get to sleep so that the next day can arrive and I do it all over again.
During that waiting I think the feeling is restless and irritability.
Now that I have this awareness, what is the first step to shifting this habit?

T I am not who I want to be yet
F irritated
A spin in doubt that I will never be who I want to be. Buffer with food. Buffer with phone.
R I am not who I want to be yet

T Another day of trying to get closer to my goals
F restless
A spin in thoughts. Buffer. Buffer. Buffer. Don’t enjoy my life.
R another day of not getting closer to my goals