Wanting more.

Hello – I am very frustrated that I seem to always want more. More from myself, more from my friends, more from my boyfriend, more from work, more money, more happiness. It’s like I am constantly trying to be satisfied and I’m coming up short.

How do I work through this? I know I could think it’s ok that I want more. Or I see how wanting more does not serve me. BUT those thoughts don’t seem to feel better even though they are probably healthier for me.

I do see that I am wanting something outside of myself to bring me a feeling or some form of satisfaction, validation, acceptance. And I know it is impossible for anyone to ever give that. I do feel pretty bottomless with it all. Like I could always want more from someone. I am working on accepting and loving myself in this program. But this seems a bit more complex than saying some affirmations. Lol.

How do I process this? Or fix it?