We are not a real couple 2

WHY do you want sex?
> To feel connected and validated.

Why is every three weeks “not enough”?
> It doesn’t fit my manual, I guess. And I feel like my body would like more sex. I’ve also tried solo sex, but then I didn’t propose sex to my husband anymore and I felt guilty and disappointed.

C no sex with my husband in 3 weeks
T we are a real couple
F validated
A don’t ruminate and don’t critic myself, my husband or my relationship, search for evidences
R I create a couple experience for me

C no sex with my husband in 3 weeks
T we have a lot in common
F connected
A search for things we have in common, propose a movie, a chat or a walk together
R I create a better couple life for me

Maybe I don’t want to have a good sex life with my husband? our  Right now I feel like it may be better to accept that I will just be sad about it because I can handle any emotions. What I find really difficult is thinking about it and feeling totally stuck.