Week schedule- model help

I have an amzing week ahead of me where I have created a schedule which involves massive action towards my IG 2019. More importantly it is a week filled with tasks that make complete use of my different skill sets that i have worked very hard to achieve. It feels so luxurious to write this. Only because of the models that I tried to do on it. Please guide me on these.
C-Schedule next week
T- It is super busy, I will be exhausted.
F- Frantic/Rushed
A- Show up and complete tasks but in a frenzied pace
R- Net negative experienec i.e tasks completed but me feeling depleted- i might likely buffere with overeating or snap at family

C- Schedule
T- I am a complete badass to have created a week that is going to meaningfully engage all my amazing skills.
F- Proud/ Motivated??
A- Take massive action with power and pride in myself
R- Net positive experience- i.e tasks completed in an energetic way , i feel amazing about self- so no buffering, still present lovingly with self and family.