Well-paying job with lots of distractions

I have a very well-paying job that’s allowed me to afford many things, including tuition for CCP. I’m very grateful for this job. However, there are many inefficient processes at my job that require me to do a lot of tasks that put me behind schedule. Plus, I’m constantly bombarded with emails during the day that seem to all require an urgent response. When Sunday evening rolls around, I dread the workday since I’m just anticipating running into system glitches, redundancies, running around in circles to get an answer to something and frustrating back and forth email exchanges.

I’ve done some coaching on this, but I still feel that there are so many points of friction in the job that cause me to fall behind when I try to search for an answer. The industry itself is really fun and I do love who I serve, but the systems are just getting so frustrating. I want to be able to see these constant dead ends as neutral Cs but I find myself getting so frustrated during the day! I end up buffering the frustration away by scrolling on social media and daydreaming, which only makes me fall further behind. The job is very deadline driven and I feel so under the gun all the time.