What Deserves A Bead?

So I am a mindless eater, I eat all day long. I have a toddler and new baby, but for the past 10 yrs or so I just constantly put food in my mouth – kids scraps, while cooking, leftovers, not to waste food, a bit here a bit there type thing. So I had been giving myself a bead anytime I had the thought to eat and didn’t – but now I’m wondering if these are actually urges? I’m fasting 12hrs (as I’m breastfeeding a 6 week old) and only eating 3 meals a day no snacks which is a huge step for me as I was eating in the middle of the night and all day long and I’m losing weight. I’ve been doing it for 5 days now and have a lot of beads which correlate to food I would otherwise have eaten but they aren’t full body urges. It’s more like cutting a bad habit?

It often goes like this: cleaning up uneaten food from my toddlers breakfast and there’s a few bites left, Urge to finish it off myself, brain says ‘you don’t need to eat that, give it to the chooks’, response ‘hmm, yes you are right’ and move on happily without eating the scraps? So is that an urge?? It has been super helpful thinking about my primal brain like my toddler!! Especially as in the last few months we’ve been really allowing him to feel his feelings (like full blown tantrums) supported by us, and seeing how they flow through him then pass has been really helpful in this process in doing it on myself! After reading the other responses I’ve realized I’m also only sticking to my protocol foods 95% making little substitutes (like one veggie for another or a splash of milk in tea that wasn’t planned etc) which means I’ve been avoiding those urges so will now tighten that up and go 100% and see what comes up!! Thanks so much!