What do I do now?

Hey Brooke,

Liz here…

The one that will see you February in the master class and was struggling with thoughts about quitting my job and starting my coaching business by February.

So now instead of quitting my job, I’ll be staying at my job because I realized there’s a lot of mindset work to be done while I’m here.

My goal is still to get coaching clients for my 6 week weight loss program.

Initially I felt this sense of urgency that truly made me feel like I had to hurry up and get it all done. But that got me nowhere.

I had some set backs but I got myself through a lot of it.

Now I’m here with a finished lead magnet, welcome email series, landing pages, fb ad copy and image, 6 week program done.

Now all that’s left is to place the ad on Facebook.

Okay, now here’s where the issue is.

Now what?

I’m used to having something scheduled to get done and now I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do other than monitor the ad and tweak things as needed.

Should I now just focus on my content strategy? And showing up?

Man that kinda scared me a little as I typed it LOL.

Showing up online and creating a community? While getting feedback on my stuff and trying to sign people to my 1:1 program?

How does that look like on a schedule?

I’m not used to creating content.

Since I’m just starting out.