What Does Result In CTFAR Actually Mean

Hi coaches , I am a scholar for 7 months and a avid podcast listener. I love the model and apply it many-times. A new question popped into my head –
Do results need to be facts? Does it need to have a statement that we all agree that taking the actions in the A line will in fact produce this result ? Will that result be true for everybody?

Following Brooke on “superthinking” podcast episode, I want to answer this question myself and my answer is no. Results are not facts, because the same set of actions will produce different result for someone else. For example, if my action is “eat when not hungry”, my result is “gain weight”, while for somebody else who eats when they are not hungry , they may or may not gain weight. So result column is a statement that stands for the effect that I create for myself due to the actions in A line. I appreciate your thoughts on this one.