What Making $10k a Month Would Mean to Me

I am doing the worksheets about the outcome of my goal of making $10,000 a month. The question, “If you achieve this, what will it mean to you?” came up.

My response was that it will mean that:

  • I am independent and going to be okay
  • I am safe again
  • I am on my own again and free
  • I am worthy because I am making money again
  • I don’t have to worry about money
  • I don’t have to listen to anyone
  • I am doing something right with my life
  • I’m successful in this business
  • I can get financing
  • I can really work on my life coaching business now because I have financial freedom
  • I am doing good and I made it
  • I can live anywhere I want

After reading my response, I have the feeling of doubt and defeat come up because I am thinking about how I probably made this goal because I think it would fix all of my problems. All of the thoughts above are things I did not realize I was even thinking, although it makes complete sense where all these emotions I have been experiencing (fear, anxiety, shame, and rejection) are coming from. I am happy to see that is what is going on with me, but now I feel a little uncertain about if I should keep the goal.

I know this goal is not going to give me those things…my brain will. I notice the word “again” coming up a lot because I had a job that used to pay that much and that is the last time I remember not feeling so afraid of money and life. I felt a sense of worth, accomplishment, safety, and fulfillment that is now gone.

It is also upsetting to see that I’m waiting to start my coaching business until I feel safe because I know that feeling safe is not necessary.

My question is: if I am the one who can give all these things to myself with my brain, what goal is appropriate to set? I know that is what I need to answer for myself, but I am afraid of setting myself up for failure because I want feelings to come out of this circumstance (GOAL)