What to do When my Head is Spinning

I have all these things that I want to get done this summer: organize and declutter the house, spend quality time with the kids, relax, and prep for my new teaching job. But, I can’t seem to get anything done and I feel like I’m failing at everything.

I’ve never been great at Monday Hour One but this summer has been really bad; I can’t get myself to plan and I end up doing things randomly and sporadically. I’m also trying medication for my ADHD so I feel like I should be getting more done and be more on top of things but I’m not. I feel like a mess and a failure. I did a thought download but my mind won’t stop spinning and I don’t know how to redirect it to get stuff done. I’m indulging in overwhelm and guilt/shame which I know is not useful but I can’t get out of it.

Ts- I’m a mess; I can’t seem to get my act together; I can’t do anything right; I have no right coaching others when I can’t get my act together myself; how am I still such a mess?
I can’t get my act together.

I need help knowing where to go; I feel so stuck.