What’s the value of money if not for the things it buys?

Money. Soooooooo many thoughts that produce negative feelings for me regarding money. I have been working on my money mindset for my entire adult life. I’m 56 so that’s a long f-ing time. (Yes, I’m aware that’s a thought.)

Despite all this effort and all the books I’ve read, trainings I’ve taken, thought downloads and shifts I’ve been through I now find myself $60,000 in credit card debt from said trainings and trainings for how to create a profitable coaching program since my chosen profession is Life Coaching.

The rest of my circumstance at present is that I am recently divorced and living off alimony, which ends in December 2019 and to be completely honest I am TERRIFIED. I won’t go into the boatload of evidence (thoughts) to support my terror, but again, despite ALL my mindset work on the subject, I wake up in a cold sweat most nights.

All that aside, my current money question arose from your coaching of the last person on the January 21 Live Coaching Call. You talked with her about her need to develop a relationship with money and love it. I comprehend that, but what I don’t understand is your comments about love money for its own sake and for the sake of seeing it pile up in your life.

Here’s my disconnect. Money is a tool used in our societal system in exchange for goods and services. Yes, that is my belief, which I am willing to question, especially if it will help me get out of this money hell that I feel is my life.

To me, money’s only use is in the things you can purchase with it. Example: a roof over your head, food for your belly, clothes to keep you from running naked in the streets and on up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to pleasurable experiences and life fulfillment. Loving seeing money in my bank account for its own sake is of no use if I am starving and homeless. Yes, another thought very much like the thousands I have questioned and put through BK’s The Work and your model, etc.

To me, money is no different than a hammer. If I need a nail put into a wall, a hammer is the easiest most efficient way to get it there. I don’t need to have a pile of hammers lying around my house and in storage as a surplus to enhance my experience of hammering that nail into the wall or make it easier, more efficient or pleasurable. I just need one hammer to do the job of hammering one nail in the wall at a time.

Same with money, (my thought) I just need one dollar for every one dollar cost exchange that I want to make in my life. Yes, I need to accumulate several one dollars when the exchange I want to make requires several one dollars, but having a stockpile of one dollars is of no use. So back to my original point, money only has value in exchange for what you can buy with it.

Please for the love of all things holy, tell me where I’m wrong.