When do you decide to leave a current circumstance?

Hi there.

I’m having trouble with a concept: I understand that you can’t change circumstances…only thoughts. So if someone doesn’t like their job, for example, they can change their thoughts about the job, which will ultimately change their results and how they show up. And they will gain awareness of their thinking. So then what? Someone has changed their thoughts about their job or relationship and are feeling the way they want to about it and getting results they want.

So how do you know when to change your thoughts which will allow you to take action to move out of your current circumstance? When is it ok to decide you want something else rather than staying where you are? When do you know when you’ve done enough thought work and it’s right to make a different kind of change to your thoughts that will lead to moving on from your current situation?

I can’t quite process and verbalize the when and why anyone would ever leave a job or marriage or circumstance..if they could just change their thoughts about it to get results they want… yet certainly there are times to do so in order to keep growing and evolving as a person.

I loved Brooke’s podcast on how to leave…I just didn’t understand the “when” part…at what point do you decide? It sounds like a crazy, impossible question to answer for anyone else because I know people have to make their own decisions, but maybe there are some general guidelines? I’m really struggling. Thanks for your help with this looooong question! 😊