When you are the C line…

Hi Brooke! Love, love, love this program – so grateful you’ve offered it and I am a part of it! This week I’ve had many opportunities to practice the model in-the-moment and while it’s not truly second nature yet it’s definitely getting easier.

Here’s where I need help today: I’m working through the model about my career (what’s my next move? how do I market myself?) and I’m wondering if my C line is not quite right? I’ve got a few pages of this work but here’s some examples in the model:

C: I’m a generalist who’s experience/talents spans tech, client management and project/product work
T: my own HR team and outside recruiters don’t know which “bucket” to put me in so I get overlooked or ignored if I don’t match a new opportunity perfectly; I get pigeon-holed into one category which isn’t interesting to me. Why didn’t I go to grad/med/law school?
F: frustrated, under-valued, I need to “choose a lane”, unqualified, stuck where I am currently
A: don’t change my resume/linked in and keep looking internally and externally
R: conversations/interest are for specific roles and/or not a good fit

After a few of these, I got to this:
C: I’m not 100% sure of what I want to do next in my career/how I want to categorize myself
T: I make decisions all the time, why not this one? I’m just churning. WTF. Seriously. How did I get to this point? Why do I not know how to articulate what I’m good at and what I want to do? If I can’t say it how can I expect a recruiter or my network to help? Grrrrrrrrrrr….
F: annoyed, swirling, anxious
A: paralyzed and apathetic (I hate that one!)
R: same place

[several cups of coffee and other models later]
I’m now at this:
C: I want something different in my career (*not super specific yet but I think it’s a good step from the above?)
T: There are things that I do that I like doing: writing, solving puzzles, learning new things, creating “things”. I understand hard concepts and can explain them to others. I want to “dig into something”. I can work well with lots of different people but I don’t always love it. I used to write code. I know how to build teams. All these “pieces: have to fit together in a way I haven’t realized yet that actually interests me…
F: Intrigued. Cautiously optimistic.
A: take the list in T and do something with it
R: Get clarity on what I want to do next

Am I doing this right or what? I need to get out of my own way so any insight is absolutely appreciated! Thank you! Tammy