Where I’m at with My March homework

Brooke-I just wanted to say how much the March homework has helped me. My new belief was “I am in amazing shape.” Initially, I believed that this related to getting into some kind of amazing physical shape-more energy, muscles, intense workouts. As the month has gone on, I’ve really expanded that to taking amazing care of my body: I’ve scheduled a bunch of doctors’ appointments for things I’ve been putting off, I am focusing on eating fuel foods, paying attention to how regularly I’m walking-and that I’m walking longer (I just did a trip to NYC where I was running up and down subway stairs, walking miles and amazed my 13 year old by walking up the Statue of Liberty with him instead of waiting for the elevator like everyone else.) I also realize that being in “amazing shape” includes not procrastinating-and I’ve made phone calls/had “hard” discussions. Most of all, being in “amazing shape” means clean thinking-and I’m constantly aware of my crappy thoughts and doing modeling. I love how I let myself be open to what “amazing shape” means and didn’t limit myself. Thank you!!! Heidi