Where to start?

Hi Brooke! I just signed up for SCS (march)and am so excited to dive into everything! I am really unsure what to focus on…. I have spent the last 3-4 years changing my nutrition and drinking habits. I haven’t ever had an weight issue but I do occasionally buffer with food. I also used to drink quite a bit and have totally changed my thinking and results with that as well and I do not drink at all anymore. I feel like I am ahead of the game in the over-eating over-drinking departments. I am mostly here because I want to better my emotional health. I want to have better relationships with my kids (11 & 8) and my husband. I would love to develop some friendships with some like minded people but do not feel like I can or will. The area I live in has a big party drinking scene and thats just not my gig. I feel my confindence is lacking and I am just totally unsure of what I want out of life and what my purpose is! I have some hormone issues which makes me quite irrational and irritable at times and I am working on controlling that. Have you had clients that have had health issues that affect their mood? Do you think you can control those issues through the model? I have been listening to your podcasts for a few months and I have done some thought download work and listing my priorities. I guess my question is where to start?? What are some areas to focus on for emotional health? Thanks so much for your time!