Which Scenario Is More Sustainable?

Hi Brooke,

I decided to add daily morning exercise to my life and since I haven’t exercised in years, my lower brain every bloody morning tells me how this is a bad idea.
So by now I wake up, I literally pause in my bed and wait for it to come and then I have two scenarios:

One, in which my brain is kicking and screaming but I put on the clothes and head out and like a yelling mother, telling him, whether you like it or not, you are coming!
I never regret doing the workout and think, well, as long as I got the result I want.

The second scenario is when I sit down, feel the thoughts washing over me, weaken me physically and make my breathing shallow, and then take a piece of paper and talk myself out of them by listing all the good things I will get from it.

My fear in this scenario is that I might not be convincing enough this time and that pausing alone and taking ten minutes risk my workout.
Either way, when I am successful at my convincing, the feeling I end up with on the other side of the workout is the same – I feel great about doing it and I get the same result like on the first scenario.

I feel I develop two skills – doing what I set out to do even if I don’t feel like it, as well as developing my inner engine for producing desired thoughts.

What I wonder is for the long haul, which one of the scenarios is more sustainable – forcing the action I want regardless of how my brain feels like, or taking the time to change how it feels and then act from there?