Whole Foods Awakening

Hey Brooke,

I just wanted to report on a big win today. I was at Whole Foods doing some shopping and realized how many “healthy” snack foods they have. I used to follow the Paleo plan so I was always buying Paleo snack foods or making fake foods with Paleo ingredients, like whipped coconut cacao pudding. It was crazy. Anyway, today as I looked at the snack food I had an odd sensation, my mind said “Im so glad I don’t snack anymore.” It was just a thought that came up. And the sense of relief I had about it was amazing. It was that moment that I have dreamed of, and you talk about. Not feeling like I am suffering because I can’t snack, but instead empowered and excited that it is something I don’t even have to think about anymore. Gone! Over! It feels amazing.

I have to say that just barely a month into this and I feel so many changes in my life. Thank you Brooke for developing this program! I can’t wait to see who I am in a year!!

Hugs, Cindy E.