working two related models

Thanks in advances Coaches!

unintentional models
C person H exists
T i don’t like what she says about me
F frustrated, hurt
A i make myself a victim, i blame her for my feelings, i blame myself for her complaints, I perseverate on past
R i am over-focused on her words about me

C I’m thinking about her again
T I shouldn’t be thinking about this
F annoyed
A I keep trying to “fix” and “figure it out” the relationship
R I resist moving forward (?)

C she exists
T I have no clue what she’s doing at this moment
F free, not hooked
A I am more present with myself, I mentally wish her well
R I create space for more clear thinking

C I’m thinking about her again
T It’s okay and there’s something to learn here
F patient, open
A I wait to find the emotion I’ve been avoiding, I allow a wave of “loss”
R I learn to allow the “loss”

I welcome any suggestions, and I plan to practice the new models. Thank you!