Worthiness – Other People Liking Me

I was wondering if you could please help me with this model.
My main goal is to create a belief that I deserve love/ kindness and compassion for myself and create a feeling of worthiness within myself for myself. This is a mountain to climb, but I am on it!!

Can you kindly help me with this model, I am looking for help with the following please:
• are these models structured “right”?
• With this T is generates this feeling because saying that sentence to myself makes me think that I am feel sorry for myself and thinking like a victim so I feel pathetic, if I swap in “I am feel sorry for myself”..I have the same feeling – is this okay ? (confused.com- ha ha!!)
• with the models sometimes I am not sure if I am getting the results right, sometimes no matter what questions I asked I could seem to get a result that tied up to directly to my thoughts- I have out a result in, but not sure it is a result or a thought?

C Reflecting on not being invited to a meeting the previous day
T They do not even rate me to invite me
E Pathetic
A What I do ?complain in my head, complain about loud, talk like I am being excluded, victimized, not held in high regard..then think about all the reasons why they might think this and find them to be justified, create a drama out of to myself and anyone I tell, avoid, try and justify myself all the time, whinge
What I don’t do? Take ownership, accept it, work through it, see what I could do to improve it, take the time to realize its just a thought, contribute or get involved
R I don’t rate myself

C Reflecting on not being invited to a meeting the previous day
T We have the relationship we are meant to have just now
E- Reassured
A What do I do? Show up more positively, take action to engage more, take actions to ensure more involvement, accept it as it is, be calm about next meeting invite or not, be myself
What don’t I do? Go on thought loops looking for evidence, beat myself up, go through everything I could have done wrong and why I am not good enough
R Show up at meetings as the best version of myself, like myself better and contribute

Thank you so much for your help, and apologies its so long..