Would love to be in a relationship but not finding the right partner

Dear coach,
I have been single for 3 years now, and have been open to a relationship ever since. I live with my 2 sons, and try to balance my life to spend time with them, with my friends, and to date. The issue is that I have little free men around me, and the dating apps do not seem to work for me.
After 3 years, trying to date even though I am not always convinced I would be attracted to the guy. I spent nice times and had great discussions but really seldom wanted to go any further.

This happened 3 times though:
With the first one, I was trying to convince myself I was attracted and the second date turned out to be a no.
The second one said he did not want a 2nd date.
And I asked the third one for a second date but although he would respond positively, he did not show much interest.
I am very puzzled because I do not see people around me being single for such a long time. They usually find love after a few months.
I think I have a lot to offer and I am often complimented on my looks, but for some reason I still have not found a partner that I like and who likes me. I have a hard time with this, and the fact that my ex found his new partner after a month breaking up with me, makes it even harder. I know there is nothing wrong with me, but this little voice in my head seems to believe there is.

My model would be like:
C – Been single for 3 years, and on dating apps for about the same time.
T – The guys that I like do not show interest in me, and may feel too good for me. I am losing my time on dating apps, and would rather meet someone in real life. No one reasonably attractive would spend 3 years alone.
F – Sad/ Sometimes depressed
A – I lose interest in dating apps, and try to be more open in real life
R – Dating apps: I talk to people and the next day, the conversation stops. This happened several times these last months.
Real life: Nothing is happening, some peopole give me an interested look but it does not get further than this.

Intentional model:
C – Same as above
T – I love myself and have a lot to offer. I am open to meeting a great person whom I will share great moments with.
F – Confident – but does not seem to work (sorry I have to add this as I have moments when I feel super confident I will have a great love life. But a few weeks/months/years later, here I am)
A- ? (I do not know what I can do differently anymore)
R – Meet someone I want to date and try a relationship with

I would love to have your views on this.