ya don’t ask, ya don’t get!

Seriously. So I dared myself to negotiate with an attorney over the fee they were charging me. This involved copyright infringement on my part (my bad, chalk it up to educational expenses). $340 for the photo license and $105 for their fee.

I countered with $400, a $95 cut, and today they agreed!

I learned so much from this dare. I learned that I was so afraid of negotiating because I was afraid that they would get mad at me for daring to “talk back” and would raise their demand amount. I realized that I was afraid of pissing them off and then having them punishing me. Shades of childhood.

So good to have sat with that fire for a few days…then to get their acceptance to. Best $400 I’ve spent in a long time. And saved $95 to boot!

Thanks, Brooke, for this month’s theme. I’m loving it.