Yelling at my child

I have been trying to figure out the reason why i scream at my kid so much. The moment she does not listen to me, its like a switch of anger immediately turns on. The feeling after the fact is horrible so i really want to understand where its coming from and from a place of compassion change it. I really keep thinking why, i dont behave like that with anyone else. I am way too controlling with her. The least thing i want to do is cause physological damage to her or lessen her confidence. Shes only 5. I need help managing my thinking with this situation. Sometimes i wonder if the fact that I am frustrated with myself, i am trying to put it on her. Can you please guide me where to start with this? I love my daughter but i am the adult here so I need to find a better way of handling this situation whenever she does not want to do what I ask. This is pretty common in the mornings when its time for her to get dressed and at night when its time for bed. Help!